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Senior Staff Product Manager
Debrup Ghosh is a skilled product leader who is passionate about creating innovative SaaS, security, and IoT solutions that help shape our future. With a proven track record of driving product development from ideation to launch, Debrup leverages user research, competitive analysis, and market trends to deliver customer-centric solutions that align with product strategy and vision. Currently, Debrup is a Sr Staff Product Manager within the Synopsys Software Integrity Group, where he is working on The Polaris Software Integrity Platform. This platform integrates the power of Synopsys Software Integrity products and services into a single, cloud-native, and easy-to-use solution to help security and development teams build secure and high-quality software faster. Debrup is also an industry thought leader in cybersecurity and has contributed articles to several prominent trade journals, including Forbes, CPO Magazine, Computer World, Information Week, Medium, The Street, News 7 Australia, and SC Magazine. He has gained over 30 mentions in 2022-23. He holds an MBA from The University of California, Irvine, and a Bachelor's degree from the National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, India.