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Head of Product, Driver Experience
Niti Bashambu heads up the Uber app for drivers and couriers as Head of Driver Experience. The Uber driver app is used by 4.5M earners globally for an average of 6+ hours daily making it the most used app on the planet. Niti really loves solving large, complex, impactful problems at scale and is enjoying being back at a large company after a couple stints as Chief Product Officer at a couple of startups (OfferUp and HouseCanary) overseeing product, design, and operations/customer success. Prior to this, Niti spent nearly 15 years at IAC, most recently as Chief Analytics Officer for IAC Applications. An early employee at IAC's most profitable division, Niti has held several executive roles across product, growth, and monetization, growing annual revenue from $30M to $800M+ across mobile and desktop apps serving 150M+ daily unique users. Niti lives in Piedmont with her husband, two energetic teenagers, and a rescue cat, Luigi. In her free time, she enjoys spinning, experimental cooking with her Instant Pots, and taking Luigi for walks.