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Halevoor Prabhachand
Senior Product Leader
Rakshith is an experienced product leader and a mentor with over 12 years of experience at Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, IBM, Hitachi, Cisco, and HP. During which he has masterfully steered the helm of innovation and spearheaded the launch of groundbreaking products. His expertise spans across numerous domains including the realms of Analytics, IoT, Ads, and Cloud Products. His proficiency in technology and thought leadership have made him successful in industries such Industry 4.0, intelligent transportation, healthcare, and finance by creating customer centric solutions that have made a significant impact in these fields. Apart from his professional achievements, Rakshith is also dedicated to mentoring others. He has mentored over 100+ aspiring product managers through PMDojo and personalized 1:1 mentorships. He believes in empowering product managers at all levels to reach their full potential.